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In addition to academic and athletic obligations, student-athletes must also maintain some kind of social life and find time to rest. In the section below, the guide addresses some of the hurdles that these students face on a daily basis. "This is a modest loss for the NCAA," said professor Gabe Feldman, director of the sports law program at Tulane University. But it "potentially opens the door for a massive loss and a complete changing of the amateurism model and the limits on compensation to college athletes." Negative mental health in college students represents a rising concern, as it often correlates with behaviors such as substance abuse and suicide. Emerging evidence identifies stressors unique to the college athlete, related to physical and mental health risks.

Policymakers must simultaneously refine education standards so they are aligned to the changing society and implement rigorous accountability systems to assess if schools are meeting these goals. States should use these outcomes, rather than dollars or other inputs, to evaluate if schools are providing all students with a high-quality education. School funding should provide significant additional resources for low-income students. It costs more to educate low-income students and provide them with a robust education. To overcome issues of poverty, low-income students need significant additional funds. Weighted student funding—which differentiates school budgeting based on the demographics that each school serves—can fund quality programs that will have the greatest impact on the student population.

With Private College 529 Plan, you can potentially save thousands of dollars – putting the ideal education within reach. According to the Department of Education, most students (56%) take five years or more to earn a bachelors degree. The Edstimate® is Edmit’s best estimate of the price you’ll pay for a college. College Raptor is not a loan lender and does not assume responsibility for suggesting a loan to a user who may not be eligible for it.


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